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And eventually you have to wake up...

2010-05-03 10:43:46 by Kherr

Unfortunitely, as my luck/life tends to go... I had a critical HDD failure coupled with a motherboard failure and had to get a whole new PC. Alas, she had a good run, 7 years to be exact, almost never any off time. Considering that it wasn't a server, that's pretty damn good. T_T

I bought a new laptop, and again experienced a critical HDD failure and had to replace the HDD, only this time unfortunitely, I had no copy of windows to install to a SONY VAIO computer, as all my windows re-installation discs are for Dell computers, so I had to put Linux on here, and there isn't a Linux distro of my program. I will NOT run WINE to be able to run my music program, so as it goes I am currently on an extended vacation from producing any music... When I can buy a new PC and get a good copy of windows XP on there, I will resume my music, but until then... T_T

I'm back on the saddle! X3

2010-03-18 10:22:58 by Kherr

I am completely back on the saddle, got my program up and running on this here new lappy, and I produced my new track, Draconica! Recovered quickly from a fried motherboard huh? :p Anyway, I'm glad to be back to making music. I love it! :D

Alas, my motherboard fried...

2010-03-08 09:50:49 by Kherr

Well, that's exactly as it sounds... my motherboard on my pc fried...



... and I finally got this new laptop! :D I have to get my program, again... but I'll be back to making tracks in no time! X3

WOOHOO!!! :D I got my music making program back! :D With this I'm back on the saddle... man I'm so happy I've already threw a sampler together... You should check it out, only took me 2 hours... WHEEEEE!!!! (yes, I'm that excited to be able to produce music again, lemme alone... :p)

Photography and Emulation...

2009-12-13 09:27:54 by Kherr

Hey! You! Yeah! Ya reading this or did you stumble here on accident (I won't tell no one)? So if you are reading this on purpose, then you should totally head here and check out my pictures that I call photographical art. :D HEY! DO IT NOW! *thanks*

Also, on the flip side you should totally head here as well for all the roms you could ever need from anything... including calculators. Yes, calculators. Head there, now. Join the forums, spread the love baby! :D

Audio Submissions Ending...

2009-02-21 03:28:20 by Kherr

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to produce any music tracks simply because I ended up having to wipe my computer and re-install windows onto my spare HDD. Somehow my boot partition of windows became "unreadable" according to my BIOS and now I no longer have my Music Program (it wasn't exactly a hard copy) and I'd have to spend another 100 dollars to get a hard copy, and I really don't feel like doing that. When I get out of basic for the Army, then I'll have more money to afford another copy, but by then I'll have upgraded to Fruity Loops 8 and won't be using that one, so really this whole post was basically to say:

Those of you who actually have been following or have liked my music, unfortunately I'm unable to produce anything else as of right now due to having no backup of the program and a fresh installation of windows. When I get more money, I'll either re-purchase my Music Program or upgrade the program to Fruity Loops Producer Edition 8. Sorry for the inconvenience. :D