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Liquid gold as always Ian, love your work. This one is brilliant and almost perfect. It describes everything involving the vast majority of "Generation X" opinions on the matter. Looking forward to more. :3

Loved this when you dropped it on youtube, glad to see that it's on newgrounds now! Oh, and thanks for using my track, it's gotten a lot of attention since you've used it. :3

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This was great, and not just because my music was in it. :3

5/5 and 10/10! Thanks for using my music! :3

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Haha... Hard as usual... :3

I can't get past question 8. LOL! I love these things! Thanks for another one Splapp. :3

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This game is amazing. I managed to play through it without using a single hint (which in point 'n' click games such as this one I usually can't seem to do) simply because I was fully engrossed in the story. I can't even begin to describe what I think about the game because I'm still trying to figure out what it means to me. :3

5/5 and 10/10. Keep up the great work man!

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Fun Game

The gameplay is and what still matters to any serious gamer, and this has it. Nevermind those whiners under me, they just can't appreciate a good game, full or not. So you have to go to BB to play the full game, so you have a few minor issues, but otherwise it's a beautiful game. I don't really care for flash games, never have, but I sat here and played for 3 hours straight, that should tell you something. :D Great job, looking forward to the next one unless this is the last (which would make me a sad panda). Now I have to come back tomorrow instead of getting on WoW... >.> You're evil my friend, pure evil.

10/10 and 5/5!

FAVd. :D

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Notation's a little off on the main string (or sounds like it to me anyway), but otherwise, it's pretty good! Keep it up! :)

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Thank you! :)

Just because I figured I'd check out your older stuff, and turns out your first upload was great actually. Nice. :)

Awesome work sir! Oh wait, I already knew that! 5/5! I've already told you what I think about it. :)

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