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Impossible Quiz Book 1 Impossible Quiz Book 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haha... Hard as usual... :3

I can't get past question 8. LOL! I love these things! Thanks for another one Splapp. :3

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The Infinite Ocean The Infinite Ocean

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game is amazing. I managed to play through it without using a single hint (which in point 'n' click games such as this one I usually can't seem to do) simply because I was fully engrossed in the story. I can't even begin to describe what I think about the game because I'm still trying to figure out what it means to me. :3

5/5 and 10/10. Keep up the great work man!

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Infectonator : World Dom Infectonator : World Dom

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fun Game

The gameplay is and what still matters to any serious gamer, and this has it. Nevermind those whiners under me, they just can't appreciate a good game, full or not. So you have to go to BB to play the full game, so you have a few minor issues, but otherwise it's a beautiful game. I don't really care for flash games, never have, but I sat here and played for 3 hours straight, that should tell you something. :D Great job, looking forward to the next one unless this is the last (which would make me a sad panda). Now I have to come back tomorrow instead of getting on WoW... >.> You're evil my friend, pure evil.

10/10 and 5/5!

FAVd. :D

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Time Fcuk Time Fcuk

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game is amazing! It's so weird I can't stop playing it... X3 Good job dude!

Blockhead: The Game Blockhead: The Game

Rated 2 / 5 stars


I'd have to say the game is slightly enjoyable. There are numerous problems, such as him not listening at all with a full attention span bar. Happened almost constantly. Level 1 should be a lot easier than it actually was. I couldn't even finish it. Almost, but still couldn't. The items didn't do anything, and the interrupt button didn't work 80% of the time even with full attention span. Personally I think that this game is quite a bit past hard, and frankly, the genre shouldn't be adventure moreso than strategy. That was a bit misleading. Other than that with a few hours maybe the game would become more enjoyable once you've gotten used to it, but the majority of people don't like to sit and spend time learning a game past 15 minutes. This game seems like it would take close to an hour to become generally good with it. That's a little too much time for myself to try and learn a new game. Sorry, but I wasn't particularly happy with this game. Just my standpoint mind you.

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Drakojan Skies Aco (Full) Drakojan Skies Aco (Full)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good, yet bad...

I found the game to be very fun, for it's genre, which was, yet again, the same as always. It had a very familiar feel to the game Biometal from Super Nintendo (SNES). I just wanted to agree with one of the reviews, which was include health bars on the bosses. I just felt like nothing was happening when I knew, in fact, I must have been doing something. However, I am not here to just rag on the game, it was very entertaining and fun. I also noticed how... hard yet easy it is to play. I couldn't get past level 2 without using a continue. A little cluttered if you ask me on regular enemy movement, and it took to long to shoot regular enemies down. Another thing I had problems with was the controls. Maybe you should think about implementing the mouse, it seems like it would be a little easier to change weapons if you used the scrolling button in the middle... (?) Oh, and maybe a special weapon changing feature? That would be helpful as well... But, I do give the game a thumbs up! Great work and I can olny expect improvement! (I would have liked that dragon as a playable character though, from the beginning that is... that would have been awesome... :p)

OmegaDragon3000 responds:

Thanks for the review! Here're answers to some of the things you've mentioned:

1. Health Bars: I was considering adding them in, but I thought the Boss' visual 'damage' and 'red blinking' should speak for themselves.. Dunno, might add those bars in future updates!
2. As for mouse: Nope. Might change the keyboard layout though.
3. No special weapon changing. Decided that would be a secondary weapons feature only.
4. Dragon as playable from the start: Will happen in future updates! Other, newer craft will be unlockable instead.

If the game’s too hard, there’s always cheats! :]
Here’s one: "warlord" (type it in the 'secrets' box, when you pause the game by pressing "P".