Entry #16

Retiring uploading to Newgrounds

2016-01-02 00:58:37 by Kherr

Hey Everyone,

So moving forward in the future I'm going to be uploading my music offsite. I'm going to continue producing and making my content available for free, however it will be available only at two locations. Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.

Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/dakherr/

Bandcamp Link: https://kherr.bandcamp.com/

I'm sorry it's come to this, but I've realized that if I'm going to grow as an artist I need to shed the 0-5 voting system because I'm more focused on that than actually producing good content. I'm not removing any of my older content from my Newgrounds page as I've been around here since 2003. I'm only retiring the part where I'm uploading music here. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2016! :)

Best Regards,



*EDIT 03/05/2017*

I've decided I might upload new pieces to the site. Maybe.