Anyone into OLD SYSTEMS?!

2012-02-03 14:48:42 by Kherr

Lately I've been playing Emerald Dragon in ENGLISH, which is a Japanese ONLY released game for the SNES on my emulator, this place I go and help out at has the only english converted copy on the web. It's an extremely different RPG that if you like RPGs then you should definitely check this place out! We also have every single SNES game ever made, so that's another reason to check us out! :D


Anyone into OLD SYSTEMS?!


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2012-02-03 14:58:07

I love old video games. Shoot me a PM about more stuff like this if you get the chance.

Kherr responds:

Definitely! Join the forums while you're there at um/ so that we can talk more! I'm the Global Moderator there, so I'm checking in there everyday. :3